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Gather round, folks. Let me tell you the tale of Canna Genetics Bank, your one-stop-shop for the finest Cannabis Seeds. We’ve been dealing in the business of distributing top-notch Cannabis Seeds, sourced from renowned breeders globally, since the year, 2016.

Our roots are deeply embedded in the soil of the United States, and our mission? To gift the world with the purest, highest quality Cannabis & Hemp Seeds.

Now, listen up. Unlike those other seed banks, we’re straight shooters. No need to order any special items to secure your delivery. You won’t find yourself on the phone, trying to convince your bank to let you make an overseas purchase.

A call to arms to our brave military men and women, both active and retired. We salute you. Reach out to us and we’ll give you the special discounts you deserve.

We’re also offering what we like to call our Community Leader Discount. This is for those of you out there, spread wide across this world, who’ve shown us you’re helping your fellow man.

Whether you’re a current or retired Firefighter, EMT, Law Enforcement officer, or just a good Samaritan giving back to your community, you’re in for the Community Leader Discount, a minimum of 15% off.

For those of you who’ve taken on the noble duty of being a caretaker, commercial grower, or the like, and have the legal paperwork to prove it, get in touch. Let’s talk about how we can save you some hard-earned money.

Our main aim? To ensure the Cannabis Strains & Breeders we offer are top-notch, meant for both recreational and medical use.

Our breeders aren’t just anybody. They have proven their worth in the cannabis industry. They ensure the quality of their cannabis seeds and the potency of their cannabis genetics.

We’ve made sure our breeders understand the value of your money, and the importance of these products for your medical needs. There’s simply no room for compromise on quality or potency.

If you’re in a fix deciding what to order, just give us a holler or drop us a line. We’re here to help.

Especially those of you ordering seeds for the first time, give us a shout. Some of our cannabis strains might give first-time growers a hard time, and we don’t want you to invest your money and not reap success.


Our Most Recent Cannabis Strains Many at your Request

Tropicana cookies fast by fast buds
Holiday Discount
Orange sherbet fast flowering by fast buds
Holiday Discount
Gorilla cookies fast by fast buds
Holiday Discount
Purple lemonade fast by fast buds
Holiday Discount
Cannabis seeds,hemp seeds,sativa,indica
Holiday Discount
In Stock
KOS – New G

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