Canna Genetics Bank, our esteemed enterprise, was established in 2016 following the legalization of hemp and CBD products under the administration of Donald Trump. Prior to this, I successfully managed and operated True Living Organics, Soils & Fertilizers. In addition to running Canna Genetics Bank, I also own and operate Stoned Gorillas, which is my personal venture into cannabis creation. Stoned Gorillas reflects my passion for cannabis innovation and is a testament to the immense potential of this plant. With a focus on cultivating unique, high-quality strains, Stoned Gorillas aims to push the boundaries of what cannabis can offer, both in terms of medical effectiveness and recreational enjoyment. Like Canna Genetics Bank, it also champions transparency, education, and customer satisfaction in all its operations.

Today, I continue my partnership with The Rev, the visionary behind the True Living Organic System, and run the business end of his brand, Kingdom Organic Seeds. Additionally, I lend my assistance to, maintaining their servers.

My journey with cannabis began in 1994 when I was just 13. My early ventures led to my arrest and a subsequent house arrest sentence until the age of 18, a consequence that was further escalated by the possession of 50 hits of acid. The year 2010 marked my return to cannabis cultivation and seed purchase. However, the intricate process of making international transactions and explaining the nature of these transactions to the bank felt unnecessarily cumbersome. This experience inspired the establishment of Canna genetics bank | us leader in cannabis seedsCanna Genetics Bank, offering a hassle-free, US-based supplier to cannabis enthusiasts.

At Canna Genetics Bank, our objective is to provide top-quality strains, be it for medicinal applications or recreational enjoyment. We are dedicated to securing and offering high CBD medications, prioritizing the highest quality strains from the most dependable breeders. Our aim is to make these strains readily available for public consumption.

Our global network of breeders ensures that our customers receive the finest cannabis genetics. We guarantee strains that yield potent, THC resin-coated, and aromatic terpene-filled flowers. Our monthly grow articles serve as a guide, ensuring a successful yield, whether your cultivation preference is organic or hydroponic.

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~Big D


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