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Dutch Passion – The Ultimate


Flower time
9.0 weeks
Feminized cannabis seeds
Feminized cannabis seeds
THC percentage
20 %
Weight1 oz

Pack Size

3 Feminized Seeds, 5 Feminized Seeds, 10 Feminized Seeds




Not Provided

Sativa/Indica Ratio


Flowering Time

9 weeks


Extra Extra Large


50/50 Hybrid


The Ultimate by Dutch Passion

The Ultimate by Dutch Passion is a 50/50 Hybrid thats feminized with massive yields. Shes a great strain for beginners and rewards the grower with super fat potent buds, while staying easy to manage with her short bushy nature.

At right around 3 foot tall she’s perfect for the indoor grower especially those burdened by low plant counts due to restrictive and retarded state laws. When harvest time comes if you have given The Ultimate the proper care she needs you will be blessed with potent, crystalized flowers.

The Ultimate has an intense aroma that fills the grow room. During the flowering phase you may notice her aroma evolves into a fuel, citrus, spicey pine mix that at times can highlight the citrus and sweet tones over the others.

If smell is any concern what so ever make sure the air is being scrubbed as the last couple of weeks the smell from this girl becomes so strong the she will be smelled for quite a distance

Her flavors hold true to her scents. You will get the fuel, citrusy spice taste with the hint of sweetness, and when the strain leans with the citrusy/sweet tones dominanting you that will dominate the flavor.

Dutch Passions strain catalog is diverse so when they say this is one of the highest yielding strains they personally have ever seen you can take that to the bank. Her flowers become so large they can be as thick as your forearm.

While the leaves take on a darker green tone the flowers remain this beautiful light green color, that foxtails like crazy with bright orange hairs. With all the trichomes covering her it can make it look like she is encased in crystal that will remind many older growers of the best old school Skunk varieties.

When it comes to The Ultimates lineage Dutch Passion has decided to keep that a close secret. When Dutch Passion describes her they refer to Skunk alot so it would be safe to assume there is some king of skunk DNA coursing through her.

During her stretching phase she will bush out as well. She stretches to about 3 foot high and will provide over 1.5 pounds in a square meter with a single using scrog but well over 1 pound in a square meter is easily achieved.

She is a light feeder and but does well with newer growers being highly tolerent to nutrient and temprature fluctutations. We highly advise though keeping the humidity to sub 50% due to the dense colas. You want to keep the possibility of mold and/or bud rot being able to take hold as low as possible.

She will take about 9 weeks to harvest once the flowering cycle has been started, and should be allowed to fully finish. If she is still filling in at 9 weeks give her a few more days to fully finish and provide you that large yield you are looking for.

An important tip when growing The Ultimate is not to start flushing too early and certainly not to harvest it too early. This variety rewards the grower’s patience with an extra fat yield! We also recommend using a dehumidifier during the flowering phase, because the buds will become so thick and compact that you want to give mold as little chance as possible!

If you want to get the most out of this lady, try growing her in a SCROG (Screen of Green). If you prefer low-stress training you can bend her during the growth phase and secure with garden cord to allow her to grow more in width. Either method will ensure that all buds will receive an equal amount of light and that will enable you to achieve an epic yield!

You will need support for this girls flowers to ensure you don’t walk in the grow room and find her keeled over due to her own weight.

You can find plenty of grow journals on her to ensure you get it right so you might want to check those out for a feeding schedule and other growers experiences.


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