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Canna Genetics Bank has teamed up with Black Dog LED to ensure every grower purchasing a Black Dog LED Grow Kit has a way to get the seeds they need to start growing right away….

Canna Genetics Bank has teamed up with Black Dog LEDBlack dog led logo to ensure every grower who purchases a Black Dog LED Grow Kit has a way to get seeds to actually grow. With the purchase of any grow kit from or any Black Dog LED Grow Kit from one of it’s Official retailers Canna Genetics Bank is providing a free one time use $35.00 gift certificate.

The gift certificate provided by Black Dog LED on behalf of Canna Genetics Bank will provide the holder a $35 discount on there purchase. This $35 will not discount the shipping costs, and is only good for the costs of products in your shopping cart.

This Gift Certificate will not be included in your grow package and will be given to the purchaser of the grow kit by Black Dog LED. If you have purchased your grow kit from a retail establishment and not there website ensure the retailer has taken your email address to provide to Black Dog LED to ensure you get your certificate.

If you have purchased a Black Dog LED Grow Kit and have not received a $35 Gift Certificate for please reach out to either or us here at Canna Genetics Bank and we will try to help you resolve the problem.

Black Dog LED was founded in 2010 and has since been an industry leader in providing high quality LED lighting for growers of all types. We at Canna Genetics are proud to be teaming with these cannabis lighting leaders to ensure growers have a reliable, trustworthy U.S. based seed bank to purchase there cannabis and hemp seeds from.

Your $35 gift certificate to provides you the ability to grow hundreds of strains by some of the industries top breeders in your brand new Black Dog LED grow kit. You can find legendary strains from the likes of White Widow and ChemDawg to the newest fire strains like Runtz, Mimosa, Purple Punch the list can go on and on.

Benefits of a Black Dog LED Grow Kit

 1. Superior Yield Technologies:

Black Dog LEDs PhytoMax LED grow lights are designed with the sole purpose of maximizing yields ensuring high PPFD output. Black Dogs PhytoMax Technology produces a high quality light spectrum that is evenly spread over the canopy.

Black Dog has also incorporated Ultraviolet light in there lights which is going to help produce more trichomes and terpenes. Increasing your trichome and terpene production will ensure you are producing the highest quality medicine possible.

With Black Dog LEDs superior PhytoMax Technology you can expect from 2x – 3x the yield over the average LED Fixture of the same wattage. With these yield increases Black Dog LED Fixtures will have more then paid for themselves with the first harvest. 

 2. Phyto-Genesis Spectrum:

Black DOG LEDs proprietary Phyto-Genesis Spectrum is based on years of research into how specific wavelengths of light effect a plants growth pattern. With this knowlege they have been able to provide deeper penetration helping maximize yields along with maximizing trichome production.

By paying attention to the finer points of photosynthesis Black Dog LEDs technology allows you to run you grow room warmer saving on cooling costs. Minimizing un-needed wavelengths from there spectrum they reduce the internal heat created by the plant converting unusable light to usable forms.

Black Dog LED has refined there color spectrum to ensures smaller leaves for better light penetration, helps reduce stretch to provide larger tighter colas, all while maximizing trichome production

  3. High Quality LEDs Backed by Limited Lifetime Warranty:

Black Dog LED lighting contains high quality powerful 5 watt LEDs with an expected lifespan of 70,000 hours. This equates to 12/12 lighting everyday for 8 years, which is a far superior lifespan and quality over those slightly cheaper options that come from China. 

Black Dog has definetly put there Money where there mouth is backing there products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This hands down beats the cheaper competition who may provide support for up to a year but most likely provides zero support.

Black Dog LED being an American Company and actually using there lighting on the same plants you do, makes their products and product support far superior to the competition.

Canna Genetics Bank and Black Dog LED

Black Dog LED Grow kits do contain everything you need to start growing, with the one exception of seeds. This is why Black Dog LED will be providing you a Gift Certificate to Canna Genetics Bank when you buy a Black Dog LED Grow Kit.

Black Dog LED Grow Kits come with high quality components such as PhytoMAX-2 Lighting, A/C Infinity exhaust fans, carbon filters and ducting. We cannot forget to mention the flood tray, container stands and grow pots.

The only thing your grow kit does not include is a growing medium and nutrients. This will come down to a personal choice weather you want to grow hydroponically or in soil, each method has it’s pros and cons which is for a different article.

We at Canna Genetics bank have provided this $35 gift certificate to our site to ensure you have a variety of options to choose from. We understand some of our strains are pricey but we offer hundreds of selections that are $35 or less that will provide you enough seeds to fill your grow tent on your first grow.
Black dog led and canna genetics bank promotionIf you are having problems making a selection please reach out to us here at Canna Genetics Bank so we can help you make the right choice for your personal needs. You can call us at 855-420-SEED or by emailing us at [email protected] if you have any questions on orderding or about your order.

If you need some support during the grow process please reach out to us by email and include some pictures in your request so we can see what you are seeing and provide you a proper solution. If you are having problems with your equipment then you should be reaching out to Black Dog LED.


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