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Annunaki Genetics – Golden Soda


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Golden Soda

Breeder: Annunaki Genetics
Pack Size:  12 Regular Seeds
Type: Regular
Lineage: Golden Goat x Huckleberry Soda

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Pack Size

12 Regular Seeds




Golden Goat x Huckleberry Soda


Indica Dominant Hybrid


Golden Soda is a stellar cross of a Golden Goat mother and a Huckleberry Soda father. A while back we bred Huckleberry Soda specifically for our breeding endeavors. We used our favorite strain of all time: the legendary Black Cherry Soda, in hope that it would pass on the same desirable traits… and it did! So, we used that stud of a male to pollinate Golden Goat, which has remained one of the top 5 selling strains in Colorado for the past few years. We sourced our cut of it from a breeder who brought it with him from Kansas and bestowed this gem of a cutting on the agreement that we keep it close. For that trust are we ever so glad that we added it to our garden because it has, indeed, lived up to all the hype surrounding its name!

It was our intention in breeding the Golden Goat and Huckleberry Soda together to improve the already generous yield of both parents, to reinforce the sturdy structure, and to introduce some color to the resulting progeny. After growing out the seeds, we were stoked to see that we had produced all the traits that we had hoped. The most common phenotypes of this union are indica dominant plants that are squat, bushy, of such structural integrity, and awash in colors. The buds showcase qualities derived from both parents beginning with the glowing, golden hues derived from the Golden Goat mother, while the Huckleberry Soda father contributes bright fuschia blotches to the canvas of the conically shaped buds. There is also a sativa leaning phenotype found in these seeds that is unlike the other phenos, and which, somehow, shows little resemblance to either of its parents. The sativa pheno yields about average while the indica leaning phenos yields are large to extra large.

While both parents of this cross possess lingering aromas, it is rather surprising that the progeny emits both mild citrus and vanilla scents that re most pronounced during weeks 5-7 of the flowering cycle. ended up with only a mild citrus, vanilla scent which is most pronounced during weeks 5-7 of the flowering cycle. If you’ve ever though that Gold Goat could benefit from some color… we present our Golden Soda!


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