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AlphaKronik – Darth Raven


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Hybrid Name: Darth Revan
Lineage: Exodus:  Obama Kush x The Dawgfather
Flowering Time:  65-70
Release Date:  12-15-17
Series:  The Darkside Series
THC: 26%
Yield: 2.5lbs+/sq meter/1000watts

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10 Regular Seeds




Obama Kush x The Dawgfather

Flowering Time

65 – 70 Days

THC Content



2.5lbs+/sq meter/1000watts


The Darkside Series by Alphakronik Genes is an expression of what is possible when breeding for extreme Thiol production and heavy Terpenes.  Thiols are the contrasting flavonoid found within the Cannabis species that makes up the stinky smells throughout nature. Garlic, Fuel, Skunk, Gas, Onion, and Feces smells all come from Thiols rather than Terpenes. Thiols are a carbon chain with a sulfur atom connected at the end of the chain rather than an oxygen atom as found in Terpenes. They are used in the Cannabis plant to attract bugs to catch in their sticky traps (trichomes). They then use drop the dead prey to the ground and use the symbiotic relationship with the soil to feed itself.  Alphakronik Genes is proud to be the first breeding team in the world to focus on such focused research, and are now proud to introduce a series dedicated to the “stink” factor found within Cannabis, and are working to develop new research models to advance scientific discoveries throughout the Cannabis genome.

Darth Revan, the second release in the Darkside Series, and the follow up to last year’s highly sought after Darth Sion is continued journey into what can be achieved when Cannabis is bred for ideal stink rather than fruit in aroma and flavor. While the Revan has a thick berry back note, it was bred for its high thiol content along with short stature and thick branching, making it a wonderful option for commercial growers using beds and SCROG techniques.  Revan is a great choice for extrators in the market, as it is a heavy yielding plant, but also very trichome laden. This one is NOT for growing in gardens that do not contain an odor removal system, as it will make your grow very apparent to neighbors.

You can expect heavier than average yields of dark purple pinecone shaped flowers that have the sweet undertones and aromas of the Obama mother plant – berries, lavender, and lilac note combined with the putrid road kill skunk, roadside truck-stop diesel fuel smell, and acrid Elephant Garlic finish of The Dawgfather male’s contributions to the hybrid.  If you like fruit and fuel flavors, this is the plant for you.  The flavor coats your mouth, and stays thick and heavy for over a minute.  This plant is perfect for both “flavor chasers” and growers who need great yields to keep profits maximized.  Just make sure you’re prepared for the aroma, it can turn you to The Darkside.


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