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Dutch Passion – Blueberry


Prize winnerPrize winner
Flower time9.0 weeks
Feminized cannabis seedsFeminized cannabis seeds
Feminized seedsFeminized seeds
THC percentage19,5 %
Indica DominantIndica Dominant
Weight1 oz

Pack Size

5 Feminized Seeds, 10 Feminized Seeds



Sativa/Indica Ratio


THC Content


Flowering Time

9 weeks


Medium Yielding


Indica Dominant Hybrid


Blueberry by Dutch Passion

The Blueberry strain by Dutch Passion has now become what we can only call a legendary strain in the cannabis community spreading her DNA to so many strains that her DNA lends it self to just about every cannabis breeders strain catalog world wide.

Being an Indica dominant hybrid she is a potent strain. Her sweet smells filling the air and mouth watering blueberry flavors is one of the most tasty smokes a cannabis aficionado will experience on there journey.

She really displays the indica lineage with her trichome covered, super tight flowers.  With a THC Content of 20% you know her potentcy is not something to be played with, do not smoker her first thing in the morning thinking your going to have a productive day.

Blueberry is a vigorous grower with hand sized fan leaves, and you will leave how easy harvest is with how little foliage there is to remove. She will take anywhere from 8 – 9 weeks to flower indoors yielding you upto one and a half pounds of these fine flowers per three foot squared grow area.

Outdoors we are talking about the middle of October till harvest but you will be rewarded genorously under ideal growing conditions with one and half to upwards of two pounds of some of the finest, tastiest flowers you will get to try.

Blueberry was first introduced to the Dutch Market in 1998 by a joint effort between Dutch Passion and Canadian Breeder DJ Short. DJ Short is the creator of some other classics like Blue Velvet, Blue Moonshine, and Flo just to name a few.

Blueberry is not the easiest strain to grow so it shouldn’t be a choice if you are new to growing. Give yourself some time to allow your growing skills to flourish before jumping into growing this girl, as she is truly a treat and we want you to have a good first impression when you grow her.

Indoors you need to be able to keep your grow area in ideal conditions if you want to get the most from this girl. This means good air flow, humidity under control, heat management and a proper feeding schedule if using liquid nutrients.

There is plenty of grow journals on the Blueberry strain so please make sure you go through these and you have a good game plan set for her before jumping in head first with no background. These grow journals are here for you to utilize and not make the same mistakes as others, use them to your fullest advantage.


Blueberry Strain by Dutch Passion Awards:

Blueberry has won numerous awards during the last two decades. These were the first two Cannabis Cups, 2 years after its introduction:

– 1st Prize HighTimes Cannabis Cup 2000

– 3rd Prize High Times Cannabis Cup 2001


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