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Dutch Passion – Durban Poison

BREEDERDutch Passion
GENETICSLandrace Sativa Dominant Hybrid
PLANT HEIGHTup to 300 cm. outdoors
GROWSGreenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME56 – 63 days
TASTE / FLAVOURLicorice, Spicy / Herbal
EFFECTCerebral, Energetic, Uplifting
Weight1 oz

Pack Size

3 Feminized Seeds, 5 Feminized Seeds, 10 Feminized Seeds



Flowering Time

8.5 weeks


Extra Extra Large


Sativa Dominant Hybrid


Durban Poison by Dutch Passion

Durban Poison an original classic brought to the cannabis community by Dutch Passion. Shes a landrace Sativa dominant hybrid that originates from South Africa and can grow well in some of the more extreme conditions in the Northern and Southern Latitudes.

In the 1970s Durban Poison was brought to Europe and inbred over many years becoming adapted to the windy rainy conditions found in Holland. During her stint in Holland and the inbreeding some unknown indica genetics had infiltrated her DNA.

Her leaves will initially have an Indica look but as she matures and begins to flower the leaves become more distinctively sativa like.

Durban Poison has become the back bone to many of todays most famous strains. This Sativa dominant hybrid has brought us legendary strains like Girl Scout Cookies, which inturn has lent the Durban Poison DNA to Sherbert and Gelato.

She has literally help create many of todays most sought after strains. Without her and Dutch Passion preserving these genetics in there strain catalog to provide to the cannabis community most of the strains you love wouldn’t exist.

Durban Poison will take approximately 60 days to harvest one the flowering cycle has been induced. Outdoors you will be harvesting at the end of September to Mid October and she will reach somwhere in the neighborhood of 9 – 12 foot tall.

Shes a fairly easy strain to grow and for all your efforts indoors you’ll get just shy of 1.5 pounds per nine square feet of grow space if SCROG or SOG is your thing. Outdoors upto one pound per plant can be easily achieved.

Beware if your indoors you will need to keep her short in veg as she’s going to grow and if you do not have the head room she will grow right into your lights and burn her colas.

She has a smell so unique that is of  a Hazey Spice, while catching undertones of liquorice and cloves.  She won’t be a smell that is forgotten easily or one that would be mistaken for something else.

There is definetly plent of grow journals on this girl so I would check them out and make sure you are going to grow her to the best of your abilities and that you know all her quirks before jumping in.


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