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Dutch Passion – Meringue


Flower time
8.0 weeks
Feminized cannabis seeds
Feminized cannabis seeds
THC percentage
19 %
Weight1 oz

Pack Size

3 Feminized Seeds, 5 Feminized Seeds, 10 Feminized Seeds




Wedding Cake x Animal Cookies Elite Cutting

Flowering Time

56 Days


Indica Dominant Hybrid


Meringue by Dutch Passion

Why should I buy Meringue feminised seeds?

  • Unique USA genetics
  • Very sweet aroma and fruity flavors
  • Compact buds with one of the highest THC levels
  • Quality of the flowers is top-notch with an amazing bag appeal

Meringue has a very sweet aroma and fruity flavour

Meringue is a hybrid indica/sativa strain with a complex fruity aroma that leans to the tangy side of the spectrum but a bit sweeter. It smells like oranges, mango and honey with some earthy, sour hints. Her aroma profile is also very pungent.

Meringue is a connoisseur’s delight

Meringue is a high-quality strain. She might not be the biggest overall yielder but the level of quality is definitely a reason to keep growing her again and again. Expect solid yields of stunning looking buds. Although the flowers can be a bit smaller, they are rock-hard and thus will still put down some weight on the scale. When handled well she will deliver you some of the most beautiful looking nuggets on the planet. The dark hues in the flowers and leaves makes the white layer of resin really pop out for an eye-catching bag appeal.


Meringue strain info: The fruitiest USA genetics

Meringue is grown by crossing Wedding Cake x Animal Cookies.

Wedding Cake, also known as Pink Cookies, is a USA cross of the famous Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. These 2 strains make for the intense sweet tangy taste of the variety. It is also noted for its extremely high THC content.

Animal Cookies is another popular USA variety which is a child of the legendary GSC line and Fire OG. She is a clone-only variety that flowers in about 9 week and grows very dense and compact buds that can show some dark colourations in the flowers. This strain has a sweet and sour aroma with a strong body-effect that will suit the more experienced smoker.

  • The genetics used to create Meringue ensure the following characteristics:
  • A sweet tangy aroma from the Wedding Cake
  • The dense, compact and coloured buds from the Animal Cookies
  • High potency levels thanks to both the Wedding Cake and Animal Cookies genetics

Meringue is top-notch variety with a high cannabinoid profile and an intensely sweet, pungent aroma.

Meringue effects

Meringue is a crossing of 2 popular hybrid USA strains. She leans a bit more to the Indica side which is shown in the shorter flowering time and bud structure. The effect of the variety is quite euphoric with a powerful sense of well being and relaxation. When you smoke more during a short period of time you will be rewarded with a deep body stone which could give a couch-lock experience.

Meringue feminised seeds vs Lemon Meringue strain

Any fans of the USA Lemon Meringue variety will love the Dutch Passion Meringue. Both varieties share a THC rich high and a connoisseur flavour profile. However feminised seeds of the Dutch Passion Meringue are thought to produce frostier plants and a superior vaping experience.

The growth and flowering time of Meringue

We recommend a veg period of about 4-6 weeks for these feminised seeds. Meringue can have a bit of a slow start while showing some stretch during the latter part of the grow period. On the other hand, she doesn’t stretch a lot during flowering, so she can be a bit challenging to understand. Meringue can have quite an unusual growth pattern with leaves that have elongated stems and which are pointed upwards with some distance to the main stem. This requires the use of certain growing techniques, like leaf tucking, to make sure she receives sufficient light from top to bottom.

Meringue stays fairly compact and within 3-4 weeks there is already a lot of resin on the flowers. After 6 weeks of flowering the buds start to show orange pistils, they seem to ripen quite fast. Luckily all plants show amazing resin production, making them very appealing to the eye.

The flowering time is about 8 weeks. In combination with the recommended veg phase, it will take around 12-14 weeks from cannabis seed to harvest.

The yield of the Meringue

Meringue produces XL harvests of top-notch quality cannabis; between 400 and 500 grams per m2 is possible. The buds are really frosty and dense.

Our expert advice:

Meringue is the perfect strain for professional home growers or licensed producers looking for a variety with the highest possible resin levels. Buds are literally coated in layers of resin. We would recommend to look out for the plants which show the most hybrid leaf and plant structure. These are generally the biggest and best yielding phenotypes. Consider using a UVB light during the last few weeks of flowering and notice how the trichome production goes into overdrive. If you’re looking for something truly unique with an amazing bag appeal then please look no further, Meringue is the strain you need!

More info about Meringue

Meringue isn’t the most straightforward plant to grow so she can be a bit challenging to understand. The thing that stands out the most is the slightly unusual growth pattern, therefore more leaf picking is necessary, otherwise the lower buds will not receive enough light.

Because of the slightly larger internodal distance, buds don’t have the tendency to become really big, which could make her a bit more interesting for growers with higher humidity levels. There should be enough fresh air around these flowers though, because they become rock-hard.

Buds are covered in trichomes, lab results showed all phenotypes were close to and above 20% THC, suited for hardcore smokers.


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