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Dutch Passion – Glueberry O.G.

Flower time
8.0 weeks
Feminized cannabis seeds
Feminized cannabis seeds
Weight1 oz

Pack Size

3 Feminized Seeds, 5 Feminized Seeds, 10 Feminized Seeds




(Gorilla Glue x OG Kush) x Blueberry

Flowering Time

8 Weeks


Extra Large


50/50 Hybrid


Glueberry OG by Dutch Passion

Glueberry OG by Dutch Passion is an Award Winning hybrid strain that is evenly distributed between indica and sativa DNA. Glueberry OG is a feminzied highly resinous strain that has this fruity taste has some earthy tones.

We personally at Canna Genetics Bank have grown her quite a few times and love her for her oily, resinous flowers and what we can only describe as a subtle sweet fruity aroma that we usually bring to the grow room once a year.

We want to say this flowers are oily. She makes some beautiful concentrates, the only problem we find is trying to make shatter or crumble type concentrates is way more work than any other strain we have personally tried dealing with.

Glueberry OG is an easy to grow feminized strain that doesn’t take to much effort to achieve great results. She can stretch somewhat but ensuring she has enough light will keep the stretch to a minimum.

When we say enough light we mean she loves light. If the light is to high she will climb to get the light she wants. If the lights aren’t strong enough she will push others out of the way to steal all the light.

Her flowers become so large and dense good air circulation indoors is a requirement to keep the chance of bud rot to a minimum in warm/ humid climates, otherwise she does well where ever you grow her.

Glueberry OG by Dutch Passion is a cross between Blueberry x Gorilla Glue x OG Kush. Holding true to her name with the fruity flavors and smells, being so oily its like undried glue while giving that Kush intensity you will love her.

This girl if you do not have tolerance has the ability to lock you in the for a ride and take you on a journey through your mind. Otherwise shes a fairly fun high, strong enough to get you ready for bed but not so strong that you can’t go about and do what needs to be done before bed.

She indoors Glueberry OG will take you  approximately 8 weeks to fully flower, Dutch passion recommends only a 3 – 4 week Veg time for this girl so shes a fairly quick plant to flower out and will still yield slightly over a pound of connoisseur quailty cannabis.

She will reach 3 – 5 feet by harvest time. Some of these girls especially the taller ones can need support for her large flowers. Ensure you have some way to keep her propped up straight as the girls on the outer edges of the grow space can begin leaning in to get more light and break branches or stems  under her own weight.

Glueberry OG is a great strain for all growers even the beginner. Shes a fairly tough plant that will produce potent flowers under most conditions. The skill of the grower and his ability to keep a good environment for this girl will determine your yield.

Remember ensure your lights are are the proper height for your plants and that you have enough light for the grow area you are trying to use. When using LEDs keep the LEDs as close as you can without bleaching the flowers.

LEDs should be kept approximately 1 – 2 feet away from the canopy during flower. If you have cheap LEDs its closer to the 1 foot range, if you have high quality LEDs it will be closer to the 2 foot range. Do not pin the leds to the top of the ten or ceiling in large grow areas if your trying to achieve large yields.

There’s a few grow journals on this girl you may want to check out to ensure you have an idea on how you want to grow her and what she will need.

Cannabis Awards Won:

– 2nd Prize Indica, Home Grown Cup Netherlands 2017

– 3rd Prize Outdoor Category, Home Grown Cup Netherlands 2018


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