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Triple Ott Organics – Afghan Huck


  • Breeder: Triple Ott Organics
  • Lineage: Afghan Golden Ticket x Platinum Huckleberry
  • Sativa/Indica: Indica Dominant
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Pack Size

10 Regular Seeds


Afghan Goldent Ticket x Platinum Huckleberry

Sativa/Indica Ratio

Indica Dominant


Indica Dominant Hybrid


Afghan Huck by Triple Ott Organics

Afghan Huck by Triple Ott Organics is a regular photoperiod cannabis strain. She was created by crossing Triple Otts super frosty Afghan Golden Ticket with Platinum Huckleberry.

The frosted flowers with there lemony aroma have an amazing bag appeal. With a good cure you can make sure she’s one of those strains that you smell before the bag leaves your pocket.

Afghan Huck is going to be an Indica dominant hybrid with her Afghan and Huckleberry lineage. There isn’t much information on her but be sure you have everything done for the day if you are going to smoke her.

She will most likely have that heavy indica couch lock effect especially for those with lower tolerance levels. She should do well in most grow environments.

While there isn’t much information on her, her lineage contains fairly large yielding strains so its safe to assume she will provide fairly decent yields. Her flowers will be so frosted they look like they have been dipped in sugar.

Triple Ott is a small breeding company that focuses on powerful strains that have very high thc content. They take there time when creating strains to ensure what they provide is of a connoisseur quality, that you will not find anywhere else.

If you are someone that likes to have something no body else will have or has tried then look no further as Triple Ott Organic strains will always come through with some high quality power house strains.

If you would like to follow these guys and what there doing may follow Triple Otts on Instagram so you can see there newest strains coming.


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