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CGF – Green Crack Auto

BreederCanna Genetics Farm
GeneticsGreen Crack x Ruderalis
VarietyMostly Sativa
Flowering TypeAutoflowering
THC Content20%
CBD Content0.7%
YieldIndoors: 500 – 650 gr/m2; Outdoors: 70 – 300 gr/plant
Plant Height60 – 90 cm.
GrowsIndoors, Outdoors
Flowering Time63 – 70 days from seedling
Taste / FlavourFlowery, Fruity, Mango
EffectCerebral, Creative, Energetic, Euphoric, Stimulating , Uplifting

Pack Size

5 Auto Flowering Feminized Seeds, 10 Auto Flowering Feminized Seeds


Auto Flowering Feminized

Flowering Time

63 – 70 Days


500 – 650g/m2

THC Content



Sativa Dominant Hybrid


Green Crack Auto by Canna Genetics Farm

Green Crack Auto by Canna Genetics Farm is a great strain for all growers, from the new comers to the more experienced connoisseur cannabis consumer.

This sativa-dominant hybrid auto flower is a fast, large yielding flavorful strain and provides an energetic, happy effect which is perfect for social gatherings.

Green Crack Auto develops into small to medium-sized plants up to 3 feet tall, and will grow wonderfully in just about any garden weather it be indoors or under the beautiful blue sky. Indoor growers should expect to harvest 9 – 10 weeks from seed sprouting.

To maximize indoor yields it is a perfect plant to grow in a SoG (Sea of Green) set-up.

Green Crack Auto is a strong central stem which develops into one large dense flower with lower side-branches that can be removed to accommodate greater planting density.

Outdoors planted directly in the ground plants will grow to the upper limit in terms of height and rarely exceed 3 feet.

Growers wishing for ultra-discretion can tie the main stem down, as well as side branches as they develop, to maintain an even lower profile while exposing all bud sites to the sunlight.

She is a very hungry strain, especially during the flowering phase.

Don’t skimp with the nutrients if you want to maximize yields at harvest time.

Indoors yields will be between a pound and slightly less then a pound and a half.

Outdoors these girl can produce between 3 and 10 ounces.

The buds are an attractive light green in color and are flecked with bright orange pistils.

Resin production is high making this a fine strain for those making extracts.

The taste of Green Crack Auto has a dominant mango flavor supported by floral and fruity notes all of which are emphasized on the exhale.

THC production is around 20% with low CBD of 0.7%.

The overall effect is very uplifting accompanied by euphoric sensations and a creative energy for those possessed of such talents.

Its positive nature makes it ideal in a range of social situations at any time of day.

You will be able to find plenty of grow journals to ensure you grow Canna Genetics Farm Green Crack Auto to full potential.


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