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CGF – OG Kush


BREEDERCanna Genetics Farm
VARIETYIndica / Sativa
YIELDIndoors: 450 – 500 gr/m2
GROWSGrows indoors
TASTE / FLAVOREarthy, Fuel, Lime
EFFECTCerebral, Couch Lock, Powerful, Relaxing, Uplifting



Pack Size

5 Feminized Seeds, 10 Feminized



Flowering Time

56 Days


450 – 500+ g/m2


Indica Dominant Hybrid

THC Content

20 – 24%


OG Kush by Canna Genetics Farm

OG Kush is a mysterious strain only for the fact it’s an old school strain that has been around long before the weed industry was legal anywhere. Thought to have originated in Florida and then brought to the west coast and popularized in L.A. California in 1996.

The OG stands for Original Gangster, some newer growers and breeders try to theorize it stands for Ocean Grown but this is simply not the case, for what ever reason they believe this it’s just incorrect. The term OG was coined in L.A. California in the 1970s way before OG Kush was popularized there.

OG Kush is a fairly potent strain and is one of the main reason she has been around so long and has now become the base genetics of so many beloved strains. While her genetic makeup has her leaning slightly towards sativa dominance, her flowers have an indica like quality to them that are large and dense.

Her natural color is on the paler side of green, and if shes looking to dark of a green then you know you should be dialing back the nitrogen in her feeding schedule.

OG Kush has a flowering time of approximately 56 days depending on your tastes you are talking about nice yields at a tad over 1 pound in a square meter of grow space, and 1 pound plus per plant when outdoors she will provide you plenty of fine flower.

Outdoors she likes warmer climates with lower humidity. Don’t go to low on your humidity though as this can and will begin calling spider mites to take up residence in the grow room.

A THC Content that can reach upto 24% when grown properly, coats her flowers like a dew glistening in the early morning sun. The concentrates she produces from her fine amber oil can be intense but flavorful.

OG Kush is a feminized strain that can be used during the day when you need to get work done but don’t over do it. If you allow her too or smoke a little to much she may just have you sitting on the couch the rest of the day stuck in place so tread carefully.

There is plenty of grow journals on her so regardless of your growing techniques you should be able to find the information you need to grow her to perfection.


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