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Dutch Passion – Strawberry Cough

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Flower Time: 9.0 weeks
Seed Type: Feminized cannabis seeds
Yield: Medium to Large
Indica/Sativa: Sativa Dominant


Weight1 oz

Pack Size

3 Feminized Seeds, 5 Feminized Seeds, 10 Feminized Seeds



Sativa/Indica Ratio



Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

9 weeks


Medium – Large Yielding


Strawberry Cough by Dutch Passion

Strawberry Cough by Dutch Passion is a sativa dominant hybrid that has wonderfully magnificent strawberry taste that is just delicious. She is a perfect strain for newer growers who like tasty weed but don’t mind sacrificing a little yield for more flavor.

Strawberry Cough genetics originate in Nort America and contain some unique Eurpean DNA. She has garnered herself somewhat of a mythical status with her unqiue tasty flavors and smells that she is one of those girls that demand higher prices.

When harvest time comes around she will occassionaly display a wonderful array of colorful flowers with redish pistils, purple and  pinkish hues streaking the buds with trichome covered calyxes that are so frosty that it can make her beautiful colors looked somewhat washed out.

Dutch Passion created something amazing with Strawberry Cough and her unmistakable scent of freshly picked strawberries which may have somewhat of a sweet candy tone to it. Some Phenotypes will have a lighter strawberry scent with a  spicey touch to her.

She has a thick rich smoke that will make you cough. The flavor leaves a taste of freshly picked strawberries that leaves a sweetness on the lips with a slight bit of spice.

Strawberry Cough is a fairly easy strain to grow and is a great strain for beginners. She doesn’t stretch like many other sativas and these genetics deliver some truly delicious highly potent smoke the consumer.

This girl provides somewhat of a psychoactive effect that’s clear and euphoric yet social. You will think you are Picasso with the creativity she provides. Designers or anyone in the creative space will be in love.

The grower will be able to harvest these Strawberry Scented flowers somewhere between the 9 – 10 week mark depending on your tastes and environment. Dutch Passion doesn’t recommend this girl in outdoor grows.

Once these flowers are ripe you can expect a medium yield coming in at a little under one pound in a 3 x 3 grow space. She can yield larger if you keep an optimal grow environment and you are using a SOG/SCROG grow method.

To be able to keep an even canopy during flower Dutch Passion recommends you use the super cropping technique to help achieve this. Letting her grow naturally works well to, her stems are strong enough to manage her own weight.

There is plenty of grow journals and Strawberry Cough reviews we suggest you check them out and decide if she is for you and how you will be growing her to ensure you get maximum yields and high quality flowers.


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