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KOS – Coma Cluster


  • Strain Name: Coma Cluster
  • Breeder: KOS (Kingdom Organic Seeds)
  • Actual Weight (yield): 3 oz. per 3 foot untopped plant under 400 watts HID MH
  • Actual Flowering time in days: 70 days
  • Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis/etc. ratio: Hybrid 50/50 Iron Cindy x Boggle Dragon
  • Taste (burned and unburned): Fuel/Dank/Honey Oil
  • Smell (burned/unburned): Dank
  • What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like: Buds can be solid or super solid
  • Speed of high onset: Creeper—15 minutes or so
  • Duration of high: Long—a few hours at least
  • Quality/type of high and any medicinal qualities: Just need to be careful on your dosage with this one, because a little too much will make you pretty useless mentally; but lighter dosages are fairly functional.
Weight1 oz
Pack Size

5 Regular Seeds, 10 Regular Seeds




Iron Cindy x Boggle Dragon

Flowering Time

66 – 70 Days




Coma Cluster by Kingdom Organic Seeds

I had a chance to put the Iron Cindy male to the test in my “Iron Maiden” tent, which is a place where I subject the plant to various challenging conditions like excessive pruning, high temperatures and drought. The Iron Cindy kept up impressively and recovered quickly with remarkable results. As far as yields and taste go, this hybrid of Dutch Flower’s Metal Haze and C99 (male) is sure to please, boasting flavors and aromas of sharp haze and ripe figs. It is strong and very adaptable; just the way we like it.

BOG’s Bogglegum male was crossed with my Blue Dragon selected female, creating the Boggle Dragon. This hybrid was derived from an old NL #5 that was crossed with Bubblegum and the Blue Dragon came from mating a Blue Rhino male with a landrace Tibetan cultivar – my Tibetan Gold. I specifically selected the Boggle Dragon female to enhance the Tibetan high-type characteristics, so I’m anticipating that the Coma Cluster will have a dominant presence of it.

The Coma Cluster is aptly named, as it will transport you into a delightful, almost comatose state of complete relaxation. But don’t worry, you won’t be knocked out – just incredibly relaxed. It’s also a powerful munchies-inducer, so you’d better have some Visine on hand to combat the red-eye effect. Its flavors range from honey-oil fuel to candy, and every female plant usually produces a generous amount of buds (3 oz. from a 3-foot plant, grown indoors and under a 400w HID). It’s very easy to cultivate and incredibly potent – if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself drooling and stupid after smoking it. Be prepared for its intense sativa effects – if you smoke too much, you’ll be sent into a tailspin.


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