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Sweet Seeds – Big Devil #2 Auto


Variety SWS20
Indica: 48,4% / Sativa: 48,5% / Ruderalis: 3,1%
THC: 19-20% · CBD: 1,1%
Indoor Yield: 400-600 g/m2
Outdoor Yield: 50-300 g/plant
Indoor/Outdoor Harvest: 9 weeks from germination
Height: 100-150 cm



Auto Flowering Feminized


Big Devil Auto

Sativa/Indica Ratio

48.5/48.4 / Ruderalis 3.1 %

Pack Size

3 Auto Flowering Feminized Seeds, 3 Non Breeder Pack, 5 Auto Flowering Feminized Seeds, 5 Non Breeder Pack

Flowering Time

9 weeks


400 – 600 gr/m2

THC Content

19 – 20%

CBD Content



50/50 Hybrid


Big Devil 2 Auto by Sweet Seeds

Big Devil #2 Auto is a 3rd generation autoflower created by Sweet Seeds. She is a larger version of Big Devil Auto® (SWS15) that was developed in direct response to Sweet Seed fans requesting larger autos.

With a max height just shy of 5 foot shes a very manageable plant indoors and out. Indoor yields we are talking a little more than 1.25 pounds a 3 foot square grow space and outdoors a couple ounces over a half pound per plant is what you should expect grown properly.

Once flowering begins and aromas begin to linger you’ll notice a slightly sweet skunk aroma filling the air that will put a smile on any skunk lovers face.

The thick trichome covered flowers Big Devil 2 Auto provides at harvest time will come in around 19 – 20% THC with just a bit of CBD coming in at 1.1% should provide a very unique high, that may be just a little to intense for new smokers.

Shes going to take you approximately 60 Days from the day the seed germinates to be able to pull in these massive yields that are so coated in trichomes your personal stash is covered for awhile.

With her unique combination of THC and CBD should provide some medical benefits for those that respond well to the use of cbd.

There are some grow journals on this amazing auto that you might just find some real useful information in these to ensure the best success during the grow with this girl.


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