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Dutch Passion – Auto Blackberry Kush

 Blue Family
 Prize Winner
 Very High
 10 weeks
Weight1 oz

Pack Size

3 Auto Flowering Feminized Seeds, 7 Auto Flowering Feminized Seeds


Auto Flowering Feminized


Blueberry x Kush Plant

Flowering Time

10 Weeks


Extra Large


Indica Dominant Hybrid


Auto Blackberry Kush by Dutch Passion

Auto Blackberry Kush by Dutch Passion is an indica dominant strain from the Blue Family. Auto Blackberry Kush has a gorgeous dark puple color that is coated in resin.

With a typical indica dominant structure to her Auto Blackberry Kush grows vigorously  with her strong side branching and a main cola thats grows large.

Auto Blackberry Kush as an Award winning strain placing 2nd at the 2018 Highlife Cup autoflower category. The Highlife cup is a fairly prestigous award to receive as it is one of the top events for the cannabis community World Wide.

Auto Blackberry Kush is an extraordinary indica dominant autoflower that has some of the prettiest flowers with a smell and flavor profile that is uniquely her own.  The bag appeal this girl provides is unlike any other you have grown before.

By crossing Dutch Passions Blueberry with Dark Hash Plant they have created something that will stay in grow rooms world wide for years to come. This exquisite cross will take the grower approximately 10 weeks from germination to harvest.

Auto Blackberry Kush being part of the ‘Blue’ family in Dutch Passions catalog since Blueberry genetics provide the sweet and fruity notes in Blackberry Kushs complex aroma. The Dark Hash plant lends that classical kush smell with hints of earth and pine.

While most plants will be Purple you will find some that are green to give those green ones that push into purple and let those purple girls get even darker Dutch Passion recommends letting the night time temps drop sharply.

Auto Blackberry Kush is a fairly easy strain to grow so newer growers just dipping there toes into growing will find that with a little patience and just a the some basic care they can get right around one pound of some high quality flowers.

When you smoke these highly potent flowers you can expect a strong body high that will last quite some time. Shes great for relaxing, those do nothings days and helping you get to bed.

Do not expect to be smoking her before any real physical activity and believe that you are going to be able to give 100%. She will keep you in low gear like you are cruising along the beach watching the sunset over the ocean.

You should checkout the grow journals available to you so you can make sure that you have a great grow.


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