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Sweet Seeds – Red Strawberry Banana Auto


Variety SWS90
Indica: 73,5% / Sativa: 25% / Ruderalis: 1,5%
THC: 15-20% · CBD: 1%
Indoor Yield: 400-550 g/m2
Outdoor Yield: 35-175 g/plant
Indoor/Outdoor Harvest: 8 weeks from germination
Height: 50-110 cm
Purple Flower: approximately 75% of the specimens



Auto Flowering Feminized

Sativa/Indica Ratio

25 / 73.5 / Ruderalis 1.5%

Pack Size

3 Non Breeder Pack, 5 Non Breeder Pack

Flowering Time

8 Weeks


400 – 550 g/m2

THC Content

15 – 20%

CBD Content



Indica Dominant Hybrid


Red Strawberry Banana Auto by Sweet Seeds

Red Strawberry Banana Auto by Sweet Seeds is a cross between to epic Strawberry Banana Clone and a specially selected plant from our Red Poison Auto® (SWS39) a strain well known for its frosted purple flowers.

As an Indica dominant hybrid her structure and dense red and purple flowers are covered with copious amounts of trichomes. Red Strawberry Banana Auto® (SWS90) is a perfect strain to be able to provide some very exotic looking concentrates.

Upon extraction her she will produce concentrates with puprle, pink and redish hues that just make people excited to try it when you let them see and smell the fruity candy like terpenes. Approximately three quarters of the plants will become purple.

The fruity candy smelss she produces are intensely sweet and with hings of walnuts and/or rocket salad leaves will leave you drooling for more. Harvesting these fine flowers will take you about 49 – 56 days from germination.

Red Strawberry Banana Auto will produce upto 1.25 pounds  in a square meter when given ideal conditions. While providing anywhere from slightly over an ounce upto 6 ounces per plant when grown outdoors.

The effects are relaxing while helping many boost there creative thought process.

There are plenty of grow journals on her to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to make the harvest a complete success.


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