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Brothers Grimm – Cinderella XX


BreederBrothers Grimm Seeds
GeneticsPrincess x C99 female pollen donor
Pack Size9 Feminized Seeds
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
GrowsIndoors, Outdoors
Flowering Time56-65 days
Taste / FlavourCheese, Sweet, Tropical
EffectCreative, Stimulating
Weight1 oz

Pack Size

9 Feminized Seeds




Princess x C99 female pollen donor

Flowering Time

56 – 65 Days


Indoors/4-8 ounces; outdoors/16 ounces is common


Indica Dominant Hybrid


Cinderella XX by Brothers Grimm

Cinderella 99 XX is the female version of Cinderella 99. Over the past two decades, the Cinderella 99 strain has become a legendary strain for consumers and breeders alike.

When Brothers Grimms Mr. Sould decided to offer Cinderella 99 as female seeds in 2017, they selected there favorite Cinderella 99 female, famous for resin production to be the pollen donor for Princess to create the ultimate Cinderella 99 in feminized form All the best Cinderella 99 qualities have come together in this 100% female version, Cinderella 99 XX. Cinderella 99 is stable, uplifting, and euphoric.

Grow it indoors or outdoors. Many growers find Cinderella 99 to be among the most famous strains in the world. Grow it and find out!

Cinderella 99 XX uniquely has THCv, CBD, and CBG cannabinoid production, and the dominant terpenes include beta-myrcene, limonene, and pinene. Other terpenes include beta-caryophyllene and linalool among others. Growers call Cinderella 99 the perfect incognito strain to grow because it smells like fresh fruit growing

The properly cured bud feels sticky and pliable between your fingers. On the nose, you get a Hawaiian Punch scent but with a funky body odor undertone.

When you light it up, that fruity flavor hits your taste buds first, followed by the funky aftertaste. The high is smooth, strong and energetic, however, it can also be paranoia-inducing, depending your mood and setting.

CXX is a fast flowering plant needing plenty of light and nutrients, she also likes silica and extra calcium and magnesium. We grow CXX as multi-headed bushes with tomato cages or stakes for support. They also work well in a SOG or SCROG arrangement.


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