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Barneys Farm

Barneys Farm started in the 1990s when founder Derry took control of Amsterdams Barney’s Coffe Shop. The interest in the strains Barneys carried brought them the world wide interest they have today. Winning Cannabis Cups with many of there strains they are never a bad choice when picking Cannabis Seeds for the upcoming growing season.

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  • GMO by Barneys Farm
    GMO Strain Specifications Type: Feminized Genetics: Chemdawg Strain x Girl Scout...
  • $55.00
    Biscotti Strain Specifications Type: Feminized Genetics: Gelato Strain x Girl Scout...
  • $70.00
    Ice Cream Cake Strain Specifications Type: Feminized Genetics: Gelato #33 Strain...
  • $70.00
    Lemon Drizzle Strain Specifications Type: Feminized Genetics: Super Lemon Haze Strain...
  • Sour Strawberry by Barneys Farm
    Sour Strawberry Strain Specifications Type: Feminised Genetics: Strawberry Kush Strain x Sour...
  • Banana Punch by Barneys Farm
    Banana Punch Strain Specifications Type: Feminized Genetics: Banana OG Strain x...
  • Blue Sunset Sherbert by Barneys Farm Feminized Indica Dominant Cannabis Strain
    BLUE SUNSET SHERBERT Indica Dominant  Feminized Cannabis Strain Specifications Type:...
  • Mimosa Orange Punch by Barneys Farm
    MIMOSA ORANGE PUNCH™ Cannabis Seeds Strain Specifications Type: Feminized Photoperiod: Normal...
  • Biscotti Mintz by Barneys Farm
    BISCOTTI MINTZ™ Cannabis Seeds Specifications Type: Feminized Photoperiod: Normal Genetics: Biscotti x...
  • Watermelon Zkittlez by Barneys Farm
    WATERMELON ZKITTLEZ™ Cannabis Seeds Specifications Type: Feminised Photoperiod: Normal Cultivation:...